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Liability Insurance – What to Know Before You Buy

When purchasing automobile insurance within the United States, you will likely be required to include some level of liability insurance, regardless of your state of residence.  Texas is no exception to this rule, requiring Texas liability auto insurance coverage to provide for minimum amounts of each of the three types of liability insurance.

Texas liability auto insurance, as it is in other states as well, is in place to protect you from the cost of damages that your car may do to other people or their property during a car accident.  There are three types of liability insurance built into automotive insurance policies, usually with three different minimum amounts of coverage.  These are to cover bodily injury costs to one person, bodily injury costs total per accident, and property damage costs.

Bodily injury liability

This covers two of the three facets of overall vehicle liability insurance.  In the case of Texas liability car insurance, drivers are required to carry a minimum of $30,000 of coverage per person.  Thus, if you carry the minimum requirements and are found to be at fault in an accident with another vehicle in which any one person in the other vehicle, driver or otherwise, sustained injuries, you would be covered for up to $30,000 in expenses for that person’s medical treatment and recovery costs.

Texas law requires that drivers have a minimum of $60,000 of coverage for bodily injury liability per accident.  In this case, and taking the above accident example a bit further, if two or more people were injured in an accident in which you were found to be at fault, carrying the minimum liability coverage would cover you for up to $60,000 total in expenses for medical treatments and recovery costs of all injured parties.

Property Damage Liability

The third type of liability coverage, for property damage liability, is in place to protect you from the costs of repairs to the other party’s vehicle or other property that may have been damaged in the event of an accident where you are found to be at fault.  The minimum for this portion of Texas vehicle liability insurance is $25,000 of coverage.

When looking at vehicle insurance figures for liability, Texas minimums would be read as 30/60/25.  Each state has its own liability coverage minimums, written in the same three number formats. It is generally understood that these figures refer to the minimum amount in thousands of dollars of coverage that must be carried by law within the respective state.

Factors to Consider

When considering how much liability insurance may be needed and weighing the costs of carrying higher than the minimum coverage amounts, consider the possible costs of being involved in a fairly serious car accident.  It is unlikely that the minimum coverage amounts required by law would be sufficient to handle the related costs in a serious accident, leaving you with the bill for any costs over and above the insurance payouts.  This is why most insurance companies urge their customers to purchase as much coverage as they can comfortably afford. Many experts advise carrying coverage equal to your amount of any assets that could be seized to help offset costs in the event of an accident.

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