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Do you suspect that you are paying a little too much for vehicle insurance? It would be easy to verify this, either by asking your neighbors or by looking at official statistics. Information about the latter can be found at The site also has a quote finder that can pull up policy rates per zip code, giving motorists a new and convenient way to shop for insurance plans.

Average San Antonio Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $785 Annually!

A survey of San Antonio car owners found that they pay an average of $1,619 for twelve months of coverage. This is pretty much on the same level as the whole of Bexar County and 5% lower than the Texas average.

San Antonio Car Insurance — Factors that Spell the Difference

Why does one person pay so little while another pays so much? Well, insurance providers study driving habits, personal details, car condition, and many more to come up with a risk assessment for every client. High risk individuals tend to file claims more often and so they are charged with a commensurate premium. The following should shed light on how the process works using four distinct examples:

  • Location — Big cities are where the jobs are. They attract a lot of young people and other fortune-seekers. Sometimes a city can get so congested with people and their cars that the standard of living can go down while the number of road accidents goes up, forcing insurance providers to hike up fees as well. There are 1,334,431 residents in SA but they are spread across 407.6 square miles. For now, at least, population density remains at a modest 3,274 per sq mi.
  • Driving to Work — Make sure you can get to work fast to avail of low rates. This means avoiding traffic, bad roads, accident-prone areas, rush hours, and other things that might slow you down. Of course, it would be ideal if your home is as close to the office as possible. Allotting 23.8 minutes is usually enough for most workers planning their daily commutes in the city. The fatal accident count was 8.9 per 100,000 in 2009 as opposed to just 8.5 in Texas.
  • Auto Thefts — Hit two birds with one stone by installing theft deterrents in your car. Not only will these ward off bad elements, they will also please insurance companies and make them amenable to providing security-related discounts. The city may have a strong military presence but that doesn’t seem to stop thieves from trying with 5,893 cases of auto thefts in 2011. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  • Education — Did your folks endlessly talk about how studying is good for you? They were right, of course, and in many different ways. Use your degree to get an education discount from providers. Of the city’s inhabitants, 13.8% have graduated from college — slightly less than the state’s 15.6%.

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