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The majority of motorists are law-abiding citizens but soaring rates are making it harder for them to comply with insurance requirements. Some people have been forced to take a chance, driving without insurance, but this is very dangerous and should be stopped at once. A better way would be to search for cheapest car insurance companies in Houston, TX. Our quote finder at texasautoinsurancerates.net offers invaluable assistance by trimming the search time considerably. It generates a list of fresh quotes in an instant so users can grab the best offer right away.

Average Car Insurance Quotes in Houston, TX — Save Up to $566 per Year!

Based on current records, the typical car owner pays over $1,748 every year for coverage. Even those who appreciate the value of insurance will agree that this is a large amount of money. Knowing that their neighbors in Harris County pay a little more than they do is cold comfort to Houston residents, especially when the rest of Texas is charged 4% less.

Factors Considered by Car Insurance Companies in Houston, TX

Individuals who wish to make sense of these figures should look at the factors that determine insurance pricing. For example, a bad credit score can drive the premium up because providers are wary that the client will not be able to pay them on time and so compensates for the risk. DUI convictions have the same effect, as does a completely black paintjob. Here are other considerations and some advice on how to get discounts:

  • Location — If you survey the cities in which people pay the highest premiums, you will notice that most of them are known for having extreme population densities. Overcrowding leads to frequent accidents and the only way for insurance providers to survive the onslaught of claims is to raise their prices. At first glance, you would think that Houston would be among them with inhabitants reaching over two million, but the city has room to grow with its 579.4 sq miles of land. The current density of 3,629 per sq mi is considered moderate.
  • Driving to Work — When you head out for work, do you do so during the rush hour? This could be bad depending on your area as this time of the day sees the peak of traffic and a lot of collisions can happen. People who regularly avoid it can get discounts just for having this habit. Daily commutes in the city usually last around 27.4 minutes. Houston tracks the fatal accident count in Texas, both posting 8.5 per 100,000 in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts — You never know who might be watching you and planning to steal your car at the first opportunity. Secure your vehicle through locks and sensor-triggered alarms. The cost can be offset by insurance discounts due to the reduced risk. They value the initiative as they are well aware of the 12,281 incidents of auto theft which happened back in 2011, showing how rampant it is in the city.
  • Education — A degree can take you places. It can also land you some discounts. Inquire about educational discounts the next time you speak to your provider. In Houston, 17.3% of residents have finished college — higher than the 15.6% of Texas.

Prices charged by auto insurance companies in Houston, TX may be on the steep side of things but discounts can cut it down to a sensible amount. If rate cuts are unavailable, then use the search box to find the lowest quotes and switch to a better plan.

Of course, Dallas and San Antonio residents are also eligible for some significant discounts!

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