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Texas Auto Insurance — Vital Information for Motorists

Overspending is typically the result of poor planning, whether in building a house, buying groceries, or purchasing vehicle insurance. For the latter, motorists must equip themselves with information to spot good deals and avoid being overcharged. They should also learn the legal requirements to ensure that they don’t go below the minimum standard. Texasautoinsurancerates.net is an excellent resource created specifically to help spread awareness among residents of the state so that they can obtain low cost auto insurance in Texas

TX Auto Insurance — Restrictions and Requirements

Local laws reign supreme when it comes to insurance. Those who have just transferred from another state will have to acquaint themselves with the intricacies of Texan laws. The good news is that the rules out here are fairly simple and the coverage requirements have been kept to a minimum. Motorists need only to acquire basic liability insurance to get cleared to drive. Higher level coverage such as PIP and UM/UIM can be added as trimmings for those who can afford them.




Bodily Injury Liability



Property Damage Liability






PIP Coverage



Medical Payments





$500 Deductible



$500 Deductible

Double check if your plan states an equal or greater amount compared to the ones listed above. Once that is settled, turn your attention to equally important subjects like speed limits, licensing, and registration.

Speed Limits

Rural Interstate 75 miles per hour; 80 or 85 on some segments as specified
Urban Interstate 75 miles per hour
Other Limited-Access 75 miles per hour
Other Roads 75 miles per hour

Official Sources on Texas Auto Insurance

Policies governing motorists change from time to time to reflect the situation on the ground. A lot of third-party sites offer plenty of information but they may not be regularly updated, so it is best to read official government sites to learn the latest developments. The following will be extremely helpful for those who wish to apply for a driver’s license:

Texas DMV

  • www.txdmc.gov

Texas Department of Insurance

  • www.tdi.texas.gov

Official Texas Government website

  • www.texas.gov

Practical Advice for Low Cost Car Insurance in Texas

Every provider offers various discounts as incentives for certain desirable client traits. For example, they slash the rates for car owners who equip their cars with anti-theft devices. They are also pleased with those who do not drive during the rush hour, as well as those who minimize their time on the roads. People who diligently keep their credit scores high tend to pay lower than those with bad scores, as the former are trusted to meet their payment deadlines.

Having car insurance is a civic duty which ensures that you and those who share the road with you will be financially secure in the event of an accident. Texasautoinsurancerates.net allows you to fulfill your responsibilities while reducing the cost through its advanced quote search tool.

Use it to shop for low cost auto insurance in Texas and stay within your budget.

Be sure to look for local discounts in the following cities:

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