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Texas Car Insurance — Underage Drivers, Driving While Intoxicated, and the SR-22

Insurance providers recognize the fact that no two motorists are the same. They do not offer any cookie cutter plans for the general public and instead evaluates each individual based on their personal information. This enables careful drivers to acquire inexpensive plans on the strength of their pristine records. On the flipside, this is a burden to young drivers, those tasked to get an SR-22, and people who have been convicted of DUI. These high risk motorists are invariably slapped with steep premiums. Aside from this, teens will have to contend with limited rights until they progress to a full license, as shown below:

TX Car Insurance for Juvenile Drivers

More and more adolescents are seeking a driver’s license nowadays. Texas allows them to do so but sets very strict limits on what they can do. Applicants must go through a tiered process that starts with a learner’s permit, goes on to an intermediate license, and finally to a full license. Holders must follow the rules governing each tier or risk jeopardizing their chance to acquire the full license at the expected date.

Graduated Driver Licensing Law Requirements Texas

Learner’s permit 15 years old
Intermediate license 16 years old
Full licensure 17 years
Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months
Supervised Practice Driving 20hrs; at least 10hrs of which must be at night
Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban Prohibition between 12AM-5AM during intermediate stage, secondary enforcement
Passenger Restrictions No more than 1 passenger under 21yrs old
Cell Phone Use Ban on non-emergency calls, hands-free use included, during initial 12 months of intermediate stage
Texting Prohibition during intermediate stage and for all drivers when crossing school zones

DUI Insurance in Texas

We all carry a huge responsibility whenever we drive. Even vehicles traveling a modest speed can cause massive damage to property or the loss of life if we are not careful. Intoxication dulls our senses and makes us careless drivers so drunk driving must be avoided at all times. Those who fail to heed this may be held criminally liable for their actions according to Texas law. First time offenders face jail time between 72 hours and 2 years, depending on the gravity of the offense — usually determined by the Blood Alcohol Level and the presence of minors in the car. License suspension up to a year, fines that could reach $10,000 and annual surcharges may also be imposed on the guilty person.

SR-22 insurance in Texas

License suspension can happen due to DUI, as mentioned above, but other things could also trigger it like driving without insurance papers and more. People are allowed to get their license back after all the penalties have been served. The process of reacquisition generally starts with the document called SR-22. Providers see the SR-22 as a sign that the client is a high risk individual who should be charged more than the average Texas auto insurance rates.

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